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A podcast for community financial institution bankers looking for candid and unbiased conversations among bankers and other experts in the banking community covering an array of informative and relevant banking topics.

Season 1

Machine Learning & AI
Episode 1 (00:34:42)
In this episode, hosts Virginia Robbins and Sonia Portwood talk with PCBB's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Shiva Sandy.
About Banking Out Loud
Episode 0 (00:04:20)
Hear what PCBB’s podcast, Banking Out Loud, is all about in this sneak peek episode. Hosts Virginia Robbins and Sonia Portwood talk about what you can expect from this new podcast.
Hosted by
Virginia Robbins
Chief Platform Product Manager | PCBB
Sonia Portwood
EVP, Business Development and Strategic Execution | PCBB
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