Profitability FIT™
Bank Profitability Measurement | Loan Pricing and Customer Profitability

Are you looking to win more deals and maximize your bank’s profitability?

Profitability FIT provides a 360-degree relationship view so you can determine the best loan pricing based on your customer data while driving higher bank profitability.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized risk-based loan pricing
  • Increased customer segment profitability
  • Manage deposit pricing and fee waivers
  • Spend less time evaluating exception pricing
  • PCBB’s expert advisors whenever you need them
How Profitability FIT Can Help You Increase Profitability

I can’t say enough about the benefits of this product. It is a great resource and tool for the commercial lending team.

Harry Weetenkamp Jr., Chief Lending Officer, Centrant Community Capital, FCB Bank

Win New Business

Profitability FIT Delivers Competitive and Consistent Loan Pricing
Price loans with consideration of capital, loan risk and cost assumptions to determine the best risk-adjusted return for your institution and the best price for your customer.
Loan pricing screen on laptop

Profitability Based on Each Unique Customer Relationship

With Profitability FIT you can identify:
Cross-sell opportunities
Lifetime risk-adjusted profitability
Share of wallet
Strategies to increase revenue from unprofitable loans and customers
Underutilized credit lines
Loan-only and CD-only customers
Significant overdraft customers
High cost of funds customers

Comprehensive Reporting & Insights

  1. View your entire customer base by:
    • Profitability
    • Large balance fluctuations
    • Loan maturities
    • Renewals
  2. View Profitability by:
    • Account
    • Officer
    • Industry Segment
    • Branch
  3. Create what-if scenarios by:
    • Relationships
    • Loans
    • Deposits
  4. Capture Householding view with:
    • All personal accounts
    • All business accounts
Profitability FIT report screens