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Are you looking for ways to drive performance while mitigating risk? Powered by our Financial Insight & Technology Solutions® (FIT), you can better identify, measure and manage risk to make more informed decisions and outmaneuver the competition.

Combined with our team of expert advisors, our FIT Solutions are organized into three main areas: managing credit risk, calculating the allowance for credit losses, and increasing customer profitability and pricing loans that meet the market’s needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide your data once, and have access to all FIT Solutions
  • Make quicker more informed decisions
  • Expert advisors guide you through the decision process
  • Highest regulatory compliance
  • Always “pre-exam” ready

Our Banking Software and Advisory Suite


All CECL methods can be calculated simultaneously within our platform for your unique portfolio needs.

Stress Testing FIT™

Multiple loan portfolio views are provided by our platform to quickly identify the impact from various scenarios at any point in time.

Profitability FIT™

Web-based banking software with expert support to evaluate customer profitability, loan maturities and renewals.

It’s invaluable having all of our data in one platform with PCBB. This allows us to leverage it for CECL, stress testing and other purposes. It is all in one place.

Our FIT Solutions Platform Delivers

With our FIT Solutions Platform, community financial institutions can create dynamic visualizations and run multiple scenarios quickly and simultaneously. In addition to providing more flexibility and saving time, the FIT Platform delivers your solution when you want it, where you want it, safely and securely.