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November 25, 2022
Summary: An understaffed or overburdened back-office accounting team means the month-end close can drag on for days or weeks. We provide you with six effective strategies that can help CFIs save time on month-end activities.
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The History of the BID® Daily Newsletter

Banking Insights & Discussion (BID) has been published in various forms for nearly 25 years. This daily newsletter reaches an audience of over 85,000 community financial institutions and regulators, with a few hundred new readers added every month. It has become a staple in the morning reading routine for bank executives nationwide.

The BID Newsletter is a compilation of the latest banking news, facts and opinions focused on issues vital to financial institutions. In addition to the newsletter, BID content is syndicated to financial institutions and trade associations throughout the country and has appeared in major financial publications such as the American Banker.

Issues often contain:
  • Important bank-related news
  • Tracking of sales and merger multiples
  • Economic commentary and Federal Reserve actions
  • Recaps of the fixed income and bank loan markets
  • Discussion of regulatory and compliance issues
  • Ideas on performance and risk management
  • Industry trends and updates
Clients Share Their Thoughts on the BID

I appreciate reading the BID. It seems my schedule is full and there is always a large volume of items to read so finding a daily publication with timely information is a welcome item in my day. You and your staff make me a better informed, better bank President & CEO.

Donald E. Moore, President and CEO First Central Bank McCook

The BID has been refined over the years, yet our vision and mission for the BID has stood the test of time.

In closing, we are proud to say that we have not missed a single business day in the past 15+ years in creating and distributing the BID, and we thank you for your readership.