Smooth Transition to CECL Implementation | Current Expected Credit Loss

Transition From ALLL to CECL - The transition from Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) to CECL is key to understanding loan portfolio risk and its impact on earnings.

Flexible Solution and Reporting - CECL FIT is a robust, web-based solution that caters to your specific needs, mitigates risk, provides transparent reporting, and all at an affordable price point.

Expert Advisors - PCBB’s Advisors are available, if you need expert guidance any step of the way.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible, web-based solution meets your unique needs as you grow
  • Instantly see the impact of adjustments in real-time, on a customizable, executive dashboard
  • Assess the impact of credit loss for loans, unfunded balances, and HTM securities
  • Transparent, supplemental data sources assist in building defensible documentation
  • Our expert banking Advisors and resource library help you get “exam-ready”

Discover CECL FIT In Action

Hear From Our Current CECL Clients

When reviewing our results, PCBB suggested we “sharpen the pencil” in determining our prepayment speeds, so we don’t run into issues later. Looking at it from a longer term perspective was a valuable insight and will save us future issues with expected lives.

Andy Shook, SVP Finance, First Mutual Holding Company

I am delighted with CECL FIT, which gives us the tools to make those big decisions and see the impact on our reserve.

Raleigh Hayter, SVP & CCO, First Bank and Trust

Are You Doing CECL In-House?

Listen to Michael Kerr, CCO of First Federal Bank, who also was determined to do CECL in-house, and why they changed their plan.

“We were going to do CECL in-house, using SCALE, but we had concerns about the approach for our bank. We turned to PCBB’s Advisory Services team, who have the ability, expertise, and access to the data needed to support and defend our qualitative factors and methodologies.

I just reported to our board last month that we are now fully implemented with CECL, thanks to PCBB’s help.”

Advisors Available at Every Step

Sometimes you need extra help. Our Advisors can guide and assist you, while you remain in complete control.

Knowledgeable team with decades of banking, accounting, and risk management experience
Personalized education, training, and assistance with your Board
Available from initial setup to quality control, model configuration, reporting, and beyond

3 Tiers To Fit Your CECL Needs:
Today and Tomorrow

Institutions with less credit deterioration or loss experience can get started quickly and see which works best for each unique loan or securities segment.

With 3 tiers of CECL FIT, you will find a level that fits your unique institution. Our Right FIT Promise allows you to change levels in the future, as your needs change.

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