Lending Services
Accelerate Growth | Diversify | Mitigate Risk

Lending Simplified — Borrowers and Institutions Win

Having the right lending solution at the right time is what every financial institution needs, especially as market conditions and customer needs change. Our variety of lending solutions provide you with effective tools and insights to increase your competitive advantage, mitigate interest rate risk, and exceed your lending goals.

Key Benefits:

  • With PCBB as your lending partner, you have access to our knowledgeable lending experts
  • Mitigate credit and interest rate risk with a variety of lending solutions
  • Grow and diversify your loan portfolio to meet the needs of your customers
  • Quickly and efficiently generate more lending income
Loan Hedging

Win business and mitigate credit and interest rate risk with this competitive hedging tool.

Loan Participations

Increase lending and retain customers with PCBB as your nationwide loan participation partner.

C&I Loans

Diversify your loan portfolio with access to globally recognized borrowers in varied industries.

PCBB truly cares about our success. They anticipate our needs so we can make strategic decisions quickly and easily. We now rely on them as a strategic partner in our success.