BID® Daily Newsletter
Aug 14, 2020

BID® Daily Newsletter

Aug 14, 2020

Creative Ways To De-Stress Your Staff And Customers

Summary: Though you are likely cooking up all sorts of activities to de-stress your employees and customers, we wanted to offer some creative ways to help.

According to Bobby Flay, the ideal grilling time for a medium-rare burger is four minutes on one side and 5 on the other. We know that there are a lot of burgers being grilled this summer. But, there are other fun things to do even with the limitations of COVID-19. So, today we thought we would offer some creative ways to help de-stress customers and employees during these unprecedented times.
Drive-in movies. One idea is to host drive-in events for community members, making sure of course, to comply with applicate state and local laws. Consider, Walmart's announcement that it would convert 160 of its US store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters for families to enjoy contact-free entertainment for a combined 320 showings between August and October.
If hosting such an event on your property isn't plausible, sponsoring this type of activity may be an option. One NY community financial institution (CFI) is sponsoring a drive-in movie series in July and August, which will support a local food pantry and homebound seniors. Another CFI in PA is sponsoring free family-oriented movies on Saturday nights in June, July and August. Meanwhile, a financial institution in WA is sponsoring a special drive-in concert series where participants can safely enjoy live music.
Virtual fun. Beyond this, there are all sorts of fun, contactless virtual programs you may want to consider. Of course, not all customers will be interested in online entertainment, but you might be surprised by how many are.
We know of at least one charitable institution that hosted a successful online comedy show. Before the show, those who pre-registered were pampered with a small bottle of champagne and a dessert delivered to their home. Online happy hours, virtual trivia games, and talent shows are a few additional ways customers (and employees as well) can connect, even though it's not face-to-face.
Virtual learning. Beyond these options, we know of other businesses that have contracted with tour guides to conduct online tours of historic places and museums. This could be a popular activity, especially for older customers who have grown more accustomed to technology, thanks to the pandemic, and are looking for safe ways to occupy their time. Other ideas include hosting an online cooking class or even online art workshops.
Despite the pandemic, there's no shortage of creative, fun ways you can help your customers and staff unwind. Just put on your thinking caps and allow the creative juices to flow.
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