International Banking Services
Offer Your Customers the International Solutions They Need

Building international capabilities in-house can be complex and expensive. As your silent partner, PCBB provides a convenient, online international services platform so you can provide valuable services tailored to retain and expand your customer relationships.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer your customers competitive rates on foreign exchange transactions
  • Execute international wires in the majority of the world's currencies
  • Sell or buy banknotes from around the world
  • Schedule international wire transfers for next-business day delivery
  • Have foreign banknotes delivered to your office in 24 hours
Case Study:

How to provide international services while maintaining premium customer services.


This convenient solution to straight through wire processing utilizes your current wire system to send international payments. It eliminates the need for dual processing and manual postings, saving you time and increasing efficiency. FIX supports USD and FX payments, is speedy to implement, and includes unlimited access to PCBB's in-house investigations team and automated email notification.

In a world without borders, demand for fast and reliable ways to send funds overseas has increased. Through PCBB, you can help your customers transfer funds securely and in the shortest possible time. Wires are fully traceable and easily sent electronically through our online platform.

Offer your customers foreign currency banknotes for international travel needs, saving them time and money and increasing your institution's product offerings to maintain your customer-base.

We have the capability to issue drafts in all major currencies from around the world, providing you and your customers a reliable way to send payments abroad, quickly and economically. Foreign drafts also provide an alternative payment method for your customers.

Cashing a foreign check doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming. Our international check clearing service gives you the ability to clear on U.S. dollar and foreign checks drawn on foreign banks on a cash letter or clean collection basis.
Check Imaging for Canadian Cash Letters
Process your Canadian checks (USD or CAD) with image processing. This enhanced option allows your bank to receive provisional credit in the same day* versus 4-7 days with traditional processing.

  • Faster availability of funds
  • Minimizes your credit exposure
  • Provides quicker alerts on fraudulent items
  • Improves your back-office efficiencies
  • Eliminates postage costs
*Same day provisional credit is available for checks submitted prior to 2:00pm PT.

Attract and retain your business customers by enhancing your international capabilities with FX Forward Contracts. This service helps protect your clients against the risk of exchange rate fluctuation by "locking-in" foreign exchange rates for settlement at a future date while providing you with additional fee income.

PCBB is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ("SWIFT"). Our membership with SWIFT allows us to send and receive the most secure messaging and wire transfers throughout the world directly on behalf of our respondents, ensuring rapid wire transfers and full traceability, with confidence.

PCBB foreign exchange specialists can advise your institution on any international-related financial transaction.

The greatest benefit you will receive when you work with PCBB is a full team dedicated to superior customer service. Our team provides assistance with compliance as it relates to international transactions, including Reg. E, as it applies to international consumer-initiated remittances. Take a look at the services listed below and let us know how we can assist you with your International Services needs as you boost your fee income opportunities with your customers.

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