Use Our Profitability FIT Platform

Maximize Relationship Profitability to Reach Optimal Performance

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Profitability FIT gives you the tools to analyze and identify valuable cross-sell opportunities, optimize loan and relationship pricing, and support all of your profitability goals.

Financial Insight & Technology Solutions® (FIT) is a fully integrated suite offering all your risk management services, including Profitability FIT.

Profitability Based on Each Unique Customer Relationship

With Profitability FIT you can identify:

Cross-sell opportunities
Lifetime risk-adjusted profitability
Share of wallet
Strategies to increase revenue from unprofitable loans and customers
Underutilized credit lines
Loan-only and CD-only customers
Significant overdraft customers
High cost of funds customers
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Comprehensive Reporting & Insights

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  1. View your entire customer base by:
    • Profitability
    • Large balance fluctuations
    • Loan maturities
    • Renewals
  2. View profitability by:
    • Account
    • Offer
    • Industry segment
    • Branch
  3. Create what-if scenarios by:
    • Relationships
    • Loans
    • Deposits
  4. Capture Householding view with:
    • All personal accounts
    • All business accounts