BID® Daily Newsletter
Oct 11, 2019

BID® Daily Newsletter

Oct 11, 2019

New ATM Advancements

Summary: As you look to level the technology playing field, you may want to consider the latest ATM advancements.

A study by the University of Chicago finds people who tend to anticipate feeling guilty about things tend also to be the most trustworthy. Of note, these people are not actually guilty about something, but rather anticipate feeling that way in given situations.
For their part, community banks should not feel guilty in any way for working to level the technology playing field with bigger banks. One area perhaps is in the latest ATM advancements.
Consider the fact that Diebold's DN Series of digitally-connected ATMs are built on a software and service-driven model that make them even more convenient for customers to use and more efficient for banks to service.
These machines have smart sensors, leveraging internet of things (IoT) technology with big data and machine learning to enable as little down time as possible. These sensors automatically alert support staff, which then determine if the ATM can be remotely fixed to solve potential problems more quickly.
Staff can reboot the ATM's system remotely once a problem is resolved, or issue a ticket for an onsite technician, if necessary. This proactive capability minimizes downtime for customers and also prolongs the machine's lifecycle.
Diebold's latest software enables ATMs to interface with customer smartphones. This lets customers queue up transactions before they even reach an ATM. Then cardless access with fingerprint authentication built into the machines can even be used for more seamless transactions.
This sort of new software also provides bankers with a more holistic view of a customer's financial activity, including those at retailer point-of-sale terminals. This can give your team enhanced personalized marketing opportunities on ATM screens during transactions. This software also enables two-way videos with staff.
Back-office functions are also enhanced with these new machines, as transactions are processed directly within the core and customer accounts are instantly credited. Complex transactions by small and medium-sized businesses are automated, and can split deposits of checks and cash in multiple denominations quickly and easily.
This new ATM is also reportedly equipped with a "fourth-generation" recycling technology, providing community banks with even greater efficiency. It supports fewer trips to ATMs to restock cash and has 2x more deposit capacity per cassette (up to 300 notes per transaction).
The latest family of ATMs also has enhanced security technology with anti-skimming options, encrypted communication protocols and rapid response services. This better protects the machines, community banks and customers from physical and cyber threats. It can even detect when deposited notes are counterfeit.
Lastly, these new ATMs are smaller, so they take up less space in branches, lobbies, outside walls and drive-through lanes. Maybe this is all something to think about perhaps.
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