CECL Implementation | Current Expected Credit Loss

Expertise and Guidance that go beyond Software. CECL FIT is designed to help you comply with the new accounting requirement of CECL.

PCBB’s Advisory team, combined with our SaaS solution, will guide you through the steps to determine the appropriate reserve rate for your loan groups. We advise you on the important nuances of current expected credit loss, including proper portfolio segmentation to match appropriate loss methods, development and application of optionality assumptions impacting the determination of the life of loan and the forward look.

Details on PCBB’s CECL Solution

Are Shorter Term Loans Better at Managing Reserves?

Key Benefits

  • Ease and efficiency with an interactive, SaaS solution supported by a team of banking advisors
  • Customizable executive dashboard to view loan activities, make adjustments and instantly see the impact
  • Create custom loan groups and assign with any of the 7 methods simultaneously
  • Maximum flexibility to run “What if’ scenarios and select specific loans
  • Quickly identify loan portfolio trends in our intuitive graphical display


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new accounting standard Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL).

  1. The What, When and Whys of CECL Implementation
  2. The Impact of CECL for Financial Institutions
  3. The Optimal CECL Approach for Financial Institutions