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CECL Solution

Built by Our Bank for Your Bank

Our CECL solution is designed to help you comply with complex regulatory and accounting requirements. As the new accounting standards transition from incurred credit loss (ICL) to current expected credit loss (CECL), PCBB supports both standards in parallel.

Rely on PCBB's consulting team to guide you through the important nuances of CECL, including proper portfolio segmentation to match loss methods utilized, development and application of optionality assumptions impacting the determination of the life of loan and the forward look.

CECL Resource Library

Key Benefits:

  • No software: Focus on your core competencies by using our fully outsourced solution
  • Greater effectiveness: Simultaneously supports 6 methods to mix and match individual portfolio characteristics
  • Maximum flexibility: Data is maintained independently of your core system(s)
  • Peace of mind: Robust tools and comprehensive process documentation keep you compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing support and advice: PCBB experts setup, design, calculate and supply reports for complete confidence in full integration

Details on PCBB's CECL Solution

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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new accounting standard Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL).
Download FAQs (PDF)