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Current Expected Credit Loss

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Financial Insight & Technology Solutions® is a fully integrated suite offering all your risk management services, including CECL. It combines state-of-the-art analytics with insight from our expert advisors.

CECL FIT offers:

  • Intuitive dashboard to see real-time impact of adjustments
  • Customizable groupings for loans and HTM securities
  • Maximum versatility to run “What-if” scenarios
  • Flexibility and documentation of Q Factors
  • Reasonable and supportable forecasting options
  • Robust and transparent reporting
  • Optional team of advisors to assist every step of the way

Transparent Reporting

Robust reporting for a variety of stakeholders, including auditors, regulators, Board of Directors, and management
Intuitive layout to highlight valuable insights
Ability to drill down into details
Exportable reports for auditors and management

PCBB Adivsory Services Demonstrating CECL FIT

Video: CECL FIT in Action

Start simple
Grow as your needs change
Meet AICPA expectations
Transparency and reporting
Focused and relevant insights

Calculate CECL Methods Simply

CECL FIT lets you select one, two, or more CECL methods.

Test different methods to discover the most suitable one(s) for your institution.

CECL Methods Diagram

Qualitative Factors and Forward-Looking Forecast

CECL FIT helps you build defensible support for your Q Factors and forward-looking forecast through robust, statistical analysis, combined with reliable, relevant, and consistent external data from government sources.

Q Factors and Forward-Looking Forecast can be adjusted by:

Portfolio level