BID® Daily Newsletter
Apr 27, 2020

BID® Daily Newsletter

Apr 27, 2020

Community Banks Continue Making A Difference

Summary: We round out Community Banking Month with some impressive community outreach projects. We are truly inspired by all community banks and their positive impact throughout the year.

Long before this crisis, community banks were already actively helping those who were the most vulnerable, and they continue to do so. Today, we focus on many of those banks and round out Community Banking Month by saying we are truly grateful for all community banks and their local outreach.
  • Employees at Exchange Bank in CA get paid time off to participate in a long list of charitable events, including United Way's Day of Caring and the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Last year, the bank donated $826,620 to more than 300 organizations.
  • Employees can wear jeans to work on Fridays and Saturdays at QNB Bank in PA. In exchange for this opportunity, the casually clad workers donate to the bank's charity campaign, which last year benefitted more than 20 causes.
  • Each of Plumas Bank's 13 branches, which are located in CA and NV, asked its customers to vote for their favorite of three local causes. The winning cause at each branch got a $250 donation.
  • The Spokane Humane Society got renovation help courtesy of Washington Trust Bank in WA. The bank donated money and its staff volunteered time on site.
  • Quad City Bank & Trust in IA and IL gave employees "bank statements" to track their volunteer hours, and provides a template of the statement on its website for others to use in their own efforts to help others. The bank also reimburses staff's acts of kindness up to $20.
  • Staff at the Savings Bank of Mendocino County in CA held "Casual for a Cause - Denim Days" on Fridays and Saturdays, when they donated to local nonprofits in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans to work. The bank matched their donations, which together raised more than $100K.
  • The 23 branches of People's Bank in WA sponsored a campaign that donated more than 10K pairs of new socks to nonprofits that serve homeless people.
  • At The Citizens Bank in SC, employees wore red and paid $5 to wear jeans to work. The bank matched the funds, which went to the American Heart Association.
  • Bank of Feather River in CA launched the Women & Conversations breakfast series, which finds female experts to present information to an audience of women. Topics have included tax planning, cybersecurity, and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Farmers & Merchants State Bank in WI supported the local food pantry by making birthday baskets, donating insulated bags, and collecting donations. Bank employees staff the pantry when it's the bank's turn and donate money or food in order to wear casual clothing on Fridays.
  • CARES Inc. and the Southeastern Food Bank of VA got 1,600 pounds of peanut butter courtesy of the Bank of Southside Virginia and its staff and clients.
  • Fifty volunteers from Baker Boyer National Bank in WA joined community members to pack 2,242 weekend backpacks with food.
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