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White Paper: New Tax Overhaul

What It Will Mean for Your Community Bank and Your Customers

The new tax overhaul is welcome news to community bankers. However, there will be some changes in tax deductions, potential deferred tax asset charge offs and other elements that could affect your bank as well. To learn more about these potential effects, download our white paper.

Check Imaging for Canadian Cash Letters

Canadian Maple Leaf on Keyboard

PCBB is pleased to announce image processing for Canadian checks (USD or CAD). This enhanced option allows your bank to receive same day provisional credit versus waiting 4-7 days with traditional paper processing.

Where do I Start with CECL? Critical Steps for Success

Registe for Webinar: Where do I Start with CECL

There is a lot of information to digest on CECL, making it difficult to know where to start. Join PCBB to help you jump start your CECL preparations. In this session, we discuss the critical steps to get started with CECL, including the specific nuances relative to life of loan.

Alexa: Small Dollar Loans - In Or Out?

Would you take dating advice or any advice, for that matter, from a virtual assistant? Well, we found out that starting January 14th until Valentine's Day, Amazon's Alexa will be offering dating advice for anyone who asks. This "advice" is coming from a matchmaking company and ...