Incorporating The Impact: COVID-19 and your Loan Portfolio

Published May 2020

While managing your loan portfolio is nothing new, with the unique coronavirus crisis and the uncertainty that lies ahead, it will require a different approach.
In this webinar, join PCBB’s Janet Leung, Senior Vice President of Advisory Services and Cindy Cheng, Senior Credit Administrator, as they discuss how to use GDP, unemployment, and other economic data to gain perspective, manage exposures, re-think loan groups in order to prioritize focus, and how to quantify the value of COVID-19’s impact.
Key Takeaways:
  • Gain an understanding of how to incorporate economic data to frame perspective 
  • See how to quantify the value of COVID-19’s impact
  • Understand how to re-think loan groups to prioritize focus 
  • Learn how to take advantage of internal and external data sources to assist in quantifying exposures due to COVID-19