BID® Daily Newsletter
Apr 15, 2019

BID® Daily Newsletter

Apr 15, 2019

More Highly Involved Community Banks

Summary: When you pay homage to someone, you are giving them a special honor or respect in a public way. We continue our homage to community bankers today.

When you pay homage to someone, you are giving them a special honor or respect in a public way. It is with that in mind that we continue our homage to community bankers for Community Banking Month.
Today, we provide you with stories that show unique and varied ways to engage with the community and give back. Community banks are quick to fill many needs and we honor you all for your tireless commitment to your communities.
Years ago, one of Bank Iowa's loan officers navigated successfully through the complex process of US immigration and so he wanted to help the growing Latino community. Over 6Ys, he has devoted hours teaching others how to obtain US citizenship. Bank volunteers spent 9,928 hours of their time last year to this program and others within the community.
Amplify Credit Union in TX has supported its community in many ways, including "adopting" a single mother who escaped domestic violence, sponsoring a team for the National Association for the Mentally Ill Walk, packed groceries for Meals on Wheels and supported local public schools in the "Geeks in Boots" event.
Dean Bank in MA hosts summer block parties including music from local bands and food from local restaurants. These are so popular with the community that the bank is increasing the number from three to five this year.
First Financial Northwest Bank in WA contributed in many ways, such as partnering with the local YWCA and Salvation Army, teaching budgeting to Habitat for Humanity families, financial literacy to the local school district and even having a Dress Down for Charity Program on Fridays.
First National Bank in IL has an ongoing Jeans for Charity program where employees make donations to local charities for the privilege of wearing jeans on Fridays. Last month, they reached a milestone of donating $50k through this program.
First National Bank in Philip of SD showed its commitment to the community by donating $250k to the expansion and remodeling of the community's long term care facility.
Frederick County Bank in MD hosts a "CollaborEATS" with local restaurants to benefit local nonprofits. With each of these restaurants, a limited-edition FCB menu item is created, such as a vegan doughnut or gourmet cheese sandwich. It is a fun way to celebrate the bank, connect with the community and help others.
Generations Bank of NY organized the 4th Annual Taste & Tunes festival to benefit the hungry in its county. It helped ACS and Habitat for Humanity with their respective annual golf tournaments, while also participating in the WALK MS as a team to support its CFO, who is living with MS.
Olympia Federal Savings in WA has a tagline, "Here for You, Here for Good" and they show that with over $400k in charitable support along with thousands of volunteer hours. As a unique program, for every customer debit card transaction, the bank donates two cents to a local charity. That adds up fast!
Pacific Western Bank of CA chaired the "Evening of Changing Lives" event for the local Boys and Girls Club which resulted in a net profit of $935k to provide needed scholarships and services.
It is truly inspiring to hear of all the community outreach that community banks do each day. More stories coming next week!
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