BID® Daily Newsletter
Apr 8, 2019

BID® Daily Newsletter

Apr 8, 2019

Highly Involved Community Banks

Summary: Community banks are highly involved in their communities all year long. We honor some of them today for Community Banking Month.

Parents like to be involved in the lives of their children. Look no further than a survey by the Department of Education that found 87% of parents attended a general school or PTA meeting, 75% attended a regularly scheduled parent-teacher conference and 73% attended a school or class event. Clearly many parents are involved in a variety of ways.
In communities all around the US, local bankers know that April is also Community Banking Month. While community bankers are involved in and actively contribute to their communities all year, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the outreach programs several community banks are doing.
In February, we asked banks to share their stories with us and received many from bankers near and far. Activities included unique efforts, as well as large-scale contributions. No matter the type, size or scale, every story shows the incredible impact community banks and bankers have on their cities, towns and communities. We will be sharing many of these stories in April.
Today, we kick off our coverage with some of the financial literacy projects that many community banks have. You may find you are doing many of these same activities within your community or you may get some new ideas. Either way, take pride in knowing that all community bankers are out there every day working to support their communities.
  • Branson Bank in MO has a Chip Club program, where it combines yummy chocolate chip cookies, its Minor Rewards accounts and learning to save money through exclusive events and regular communications to children under age 18.
  • Central Bank in IA regularly helps children in the youth shelter with fun activities based on financial literacy and even including lessons with live chickens!
  • Choice One Bank in MI has a Kickstart to Career savings program for children to encourage savings, provide financial education and assist with college preparation and expenses.
  • First Community Bank in AR began a Piggy Bank program last year at local low income schools to teach saving money by setting up a "bank" at the school to show what happens at a real bank when you deposit money. The students deposit money and can check their saving progress throughout the year.
  • First Reliance Bank in SC partners with a local elementary school to allow school kids to make deposits easily onsite and to incentivize them to save money.
  • Lakeside Bank in IL has volunteers that 1x each month teach elementary school children about money and savings through its KidsCount! Program. This program is in five local schools.
  • Rio Grande Savings and Loan Association in CO recently hosted middle school students to educate them about banking and the importance of saving.
  • Waterford Bank in OH partnered with summer interns at the Toledo Museum of Art to provide financial education resources, as they embark on their careers and learn about budgeting.
This is just the very beginning of our stories about how community banks are so actively involved in all areas of the country, so stay tuned for more next week!
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