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SOFR: The Transition From LIBOR

With LIBOR’s imminent exit, financial institutions are preparing for the transition to SOFR. Our resource page provides helpful information to stay informed and implications for your institution.

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CECL Implementation Video

Video: CECL FIT® Implementation

Get to Implementation Quickly

CECL FIT is our web-based solution tailored to be as simple or sophisticated as your CECL needs. Quickly determine your loan loss allowance and review transparent and detailed reports.

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Using Fiserv’s Foreign Exchange Services?

PCBB is the first bankers’ bank to directly integrate with the Payments Exchange: Foreign Exchange Services platform (formerly WireXchange: FX) , offering Fiserv customers access to PCBB’s sophisticated international wire services with innovative enhancements like faster payments with SWIFT gpi and Canadian check imaging.

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Featured Solutions

International Banking

Attract and retain customers doing business abroad — and generate additional fee income. Our International Solutions deliver fast and secure.

Loan Hedging

A loan hedging solution with simple logistics and mechanics — including no derivative accounting or ISDA documents.

CECL Implementation Video
CECL Solution

CECL FIT, a cloud solution, provides a flexible, compliant solution with a reasonable and supportable forecast and full transparency.

CECL Today. Vacation tomorrow!

Don’t let CECL stand between you and this year’s getaway. CECL FIT® can help you jump on the fast track to implementation, so you can put CECL behind you — and a picture-perfect vacation in front of you.

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Have You Reviewed Your Institution’s Cash Strategy Lately?

The rise in digital payments and decrease in cash usage, prompted by the pandemic, have left their marks. These trends are only continuing. Community financial institutions should take this time to review cash transactions, along with the cash in branch vaults, with these trends to ensure their cash strategy is up-to-date.

Supply Chain Woes Continue For SMBs – CFIs Can Help

Supply shortages have been affecting all businesses to some degree since the start of the pandemic. But, with the holiday season upon us, small businesses are finding supply chain issues especially difficult. We lay out the current situation, how it specifically affects small businesses, and what community financial institutions can do to help.

Bank Merger Deals Hit $52B – How Will Community Banks Fare?

The pace of bank M&A this year has been high with 19 deals worth almost $12.5B in September alone. Community banks have been on both sides of the table in M&A activity this year. Here are the latest bank merger numbers along with some of the reasons to merge and the results of this continuing consolidation of community banks.

Featured Industry Insights

Webinar: CECL Methods: How to Defend Your Choices

You’ve selected your methods, but can you defend them to regulators? Whether your loan structures are standardized or complex, selecting the right methodology is not a simple task, and being confident in your selection is a must.

Bank Mergers & Acquisitions

We track the latest bank merger and acquisition information, so you can stay informed and respond appropriately in your own market.

White Paper: SWIFT gpi: Faster International Payments

Cross-border payments are changing and business owners expect to transfer money quickly. SWIFT gpi allows community financial institutions to meet their customers’ needs and generate additional fee income for their institution.