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LIBOR to SOFR: Smoothing the Transition for Your Financial Institution

Moving from LIBOR to SOFR White Paper

LIBOR has long been used as the standard benchmark for pricing financial transactions but this will soon change, and SOFR will become the new standard. Learn how this will impact your institution.

CECL Methods: How to Defend Your Choices

CECL Seven Methods Image

You’ve selected your methods, but can you defend them to regulators? Whether your loan structures are standardized or complex, selecting the right methodology is not a simple task, and being confident in your selection is a must.

New Flood Insurance Act - How Are You Affected?

A survey last month by Bankrate asked people how they thought their personal financial situation this year would be compared to next year. It found 88% said it would stay the same or get better. That is good news and likely points to ongoing economic growth this year so bankers ...