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Loan Hedging

A loan hedging solution with simple logistics and mechanics — including no derivative accounting or ISDA documents.

International Banking

Attract and retain customers doing business abroad — and generate additional fee income. Our International Solutions deliver fast and secure.

CECL Solution

Our proprietary CECL web-based solution, combined with advisory services, can meet your loan portfolio and compliance needs.

Want a Comprehensive CECL Solution That Fits Your Budget?

Our CECL solution helps you achieve compliance and gain piece of mind. With 3 different levels of CECL FIT™, you will find a level that fits your unique loan portfolio.

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What’s New

White Paper

CECL Challenges: Prepayments and Diversification

CECL is different from the current loan loss reserve approach as it includes both probable and projected losses over the life of the loan. See how it impacts a diversified loan portfolio.

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On-Demand Webinar

Generating Upfront Fee Income Through Hedging

The benefits of generating upfront fee income, specifically through loan hedging. Attendees will also hear from a banker whose institution is currently benefitting from this tool.

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A Refresher On Automation And AI

With all the focus on artificial intelligence, it can be easy to overlook a far simpler but effective cousin: automation. Today, we look at how automation (then AI) can help your institution.

Learning From Fannie And Freddie With CECL

Like other financial institutions, FNMA and FHLMC must follow the rules of CECL. Yet, if these two GSEs adopt CECL compliance all at once, it could mean withdrawing billions of taxpayer dollars from the Treasury in 2020.

Portfolio-Level Analysis Of CRE Loans

According to an FDIC paper, most community financial institutions don't perform portfolio-level analysis of their CRE loans. Doing so can better prepare you for your next exam and the downturn.