FIX International Wire System
Process international wire transfers faster, easier, and more accurately.

PCBB's FIX is an international wire transfer system developed to help streamline your processes and increase operational efficiencies.

Product Highlights

  • No need to change platforms—FIX uses your current domestic wire platform
  • Eliminate errors due to dual entry and manual postings with single entry process
  • Save time with automated batch transfers
  • No more waiting for emails—FIX provides automated email notification
  • PCBB's SWIFT* membership allows you a quick response and unlimited access to our in-house investigation team—just email us your issue and we'll take it from there

How FIX Works

  1. Your institution creates and sends the international wire through your current domestic platform
    At this point, your work is done!
  2. Using PCBB's FIX, the wire is received and continues on as an international transfer
  3. Through SWIFT, the wire reaches its final destination
FIX International Wire System

Case Study: Easy and Accurate Wire Transfer


A financial institution was looking for a streamlined international wire transfer option after exiting services with a "Big Bank." The option of building robust international service capabilities in-house wasn't realistic due to complexity and cost. They needed to find an international wire transfer provider that could allow them to maintain their existing wire process with minimal interruption to branch/back office processing.


The client reached out for support from PCBB, the trusted resource for community financial institutions seeking international services. They implemented FIX, PCBB's automated international wire transfer solution that works off their existing domestic platform. FIX doesn't require manual entry or dual processing, which saves time and increases accuracy. FIX supports Regulation E coding and preferred pricing. PCBB's SWIFT account also gave the institution access to PCBB's internal investigations team. In addition to live phone support from the BLP team, you can prepare your own simple and professional BLP fixed rate pricing presentation that features your logo.


FIX helped this community financial institution reach their goal of finding a seamless international wire transfer solution, keeping customers and avoiding competitors. FIX also helped them improve operational efficiencies with a faster and more accurate way to meet the needs of their customers' international banking needs.

Customer Testimonials

The service is outstanding. A person answers the phone; everyone is so friendly; they seem to genuinely care about helping us and our customers.

EVP and Director of Operations, Virginia

PCBB exceeded our every expectation with their technical expertise, competitive pricing and superior personal service.

President & CEO, California

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