Foreign Wire Transfers
International Wire Transfers for Banks

Process international wire transfers faster, easier, and more accurately. In today’s global economy, demand for fast and reliable ways to securely send and receive funds overseas has increased.

Meet customer demands with the ability to wire payments to and from over 100 countries in both USD and foreign currency.

Key Benefits:

  • Attract and retain customers by offering wire capabilities
  • Process wires faster, easier and more accurately
  • Increase fee income
  • Ensure regulatory compliance on Reg. E and more
  • Work with an experienced international team
  • PCBB makes the investment in its international wire platform to keep you competitive

Your Platform or Ours? You Choose!

We offer two convenient options to easily and reliably send international wire transfers for your customers. It all depends on what your financial institution needs. It is your choice!

Use FIX on your domestic platform OR use our CBC platform
The wire is received through our CBC platform, and continues on as an international transfer
Through SWIFT, the wire reaches its final destination
Screenshot of Correspondent Bank Connection (CBC) Platform

Use Our Correspondent Bank Connection (CBC) Platform. PCBB’s proprietary, secure wire transfer platform allows you to send not only international and domestic wires, but much more.

  • Securely and quickly process wires
  • Easy tracking with built-in email notification
  • Permanent record retention of all wire transactions
  • Quickly and cost-effectively clear foreign checks drawn on foreign banks
  • Unlimited access to our international operations team

Your Domestic Platform with FIX. Our Financial International Transfer (FIX) solution utilizes your domestic wire system to securely transfer international payments. FIX is an international wire transfer system developed to help streamline your processes and increase operational efficiencies.

  • No need to change platforms with our flexible, configurable solution
  • Reduces the likelihood of errors with straight-through processing
  • Save time with automated batch transfers
  • Access to CBC and all of the features and benefits listed above

Reg. E Transfer Compliance

Reg. E protects consumers who send remittance transfers abroad. It applies to financial institutions with over 500 remittance transfers per year plus other criteria. Our solution makes it easy to incorporate the Reg. E requirements into your remittance transfer workflow process.

We keep you compliant with:

  • Client disclosures in 5 different languages that can be emailed, printed and archived in the CBC banking platform
  • The incorporation of the required 30-minute wait period
  • Full access to our international team to assist with error resolutions
  • Training and ongoing support

PCBB provides unsurpassed service to their customers. When we needed to recall a wire, they not only assisted us, but went above and beyond. No one can compete with their level of customer service. They are simply the best!

Dianne Rhodes, SVP & Controller Progress Bank

SWIFT Membership


PCBB is a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Swift Code: PCBBUS66

Our membership with SWIFT allows us to send and receive the most secure messaging and wire transfers throughout the world for our customers, ensuring full traceability with confidence. Utilizing SWIFT gpi, PCBB will provide its clients with faster payments, greater transparency of fees and foreign exchange rates, and instant tracking of payments.