FICA® | For Banks*
Insured Deposits Solution for Large Deposit Relationships

Lending Simplified — Borrowers and Institutions Win

FICA® | For Banks* is a large customer deposit solution aimed at giving your customer accounts FDIC insurance on the whole deposit versus the maximum $250,000 amount. Your institution gets to retain a satisfied customer and potentially lower your cost of funds.

Key Benefits:

  • Acquire and retain large deposit relationships
  • Control balance sheet liquidity strategically
  • Increase your level of non-brokered funding
  • Free up pledged collateral on municipal accounts
  • Getting started is simple and requires no system interfaces

How it works:

This simple solution allows you to use the program in two ways. You can sell excess funds and earn fee income (one-way set-up), or you can use the buy-back feature to receive and distribute deposits (a two-way set-up). Insured Deposits Program Diagram

How Do I Get Started?

PCBB has partnered with StoneCastle Partners, LLC to bring you this solution.
*FICA® is a registered trademark of StoneCastle Partners, LLC.