C&I Loan Program

Meet Loan Growth Objectives and Diversify Risk

Organic loan growth occasionally needs a boost. When it does, the PCBB C&I Loan Program is your go-to solution. Fully-funded, senior secured floating rate loans with nationally and globally recognized brands can quickly be added to your portfolio. This is your opportunity to meet loan growth objectives, diversify your portfolio, and reduce interest rate risk.

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We work with you to craft a suitable program that's structured with your success in mind:

  • You're off to a fast and simplified start with our underwriting jumpstart package
  • You have direct access to PCBB's team of credit analysts, and the security of knowing we're continually monitoring performance metrics
  • You can feel secure in knowing loans meet regulatory guidelines and borrowers are screened and selected based on their ability to provide you with a reasonable return
  • You are proactively educated and guided on regulatory compliance; once you know what your due diligence steps are, you'll feel well-prepared to participate in the program

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