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Cash Management Solutions

PCBB offers a comprehensive portfolio of correspondent banking services designed with a single focus: to add value and enhance cash management solutions for community banks just like yours.

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Key Benefits:

  • Increase profitability with overnight sweep into a fed funds agency pool
  • Experienced staff to assist you with day to day transactions
  • Reduces staff time
  • Same day issue resolutions
  • Pass through excess reserves

Video: PCBB Cash Management Services

PCBB Cash Management Services Include:


Cost-effective automated service makes fast work of managing daily activity with the FRB without risking daylight or overnight overdrafts. Includes enhanced reporting.

Excess Balance Account (EBA)

Sweep excess daily funds into the safety of the Federal Reserve's Excess Balance Accounts with this easy automated system.

"As Agent" Fed Funds Program

Proactively diversify your risk by selling excess daily funds that aren't swept into EBA into the Federal Funds market.

Money Market Account

An interest-bearing FDIC insured account designed for longer term balances for your bank holding company.

Contingency Planning

Use our platform as a contingency plan for wires related to your business continuity planning.

Correspondent Bank Connection (CBC)

A web-based platform that lets you easily access and manage transactions and daily activity.

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