Products & Services

Innovatively designed to help your bank compete more efficiently—both with large national financial institutions and with smaller competitors in your market footprint. We have products that can assist you with operations, lending, regulatory tasks and improving performance throughout your bank.

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Correspondent Banking

Advisory Services

Our comprehensive web-based solutions calculate an insightful assessment of your loan loss allowance and deliver transparent and detailed reporting.
A robust loan pricing, web-based model that allows you to win more deals. The solution measures customer profitability to drive bank performance.
Our comprehensive stress testing solution evaluates the impact on earnings and capital. Top-down and bottom-up approaches incorporate COVID-19 recovery scenarios.

Lending Services

C&I credits provide banks with the opportunity to meet loan growth objectives while enhancing yield and diversifying the loan portfolio away from real estate.
A loan hedging solution with simple logistics and mechanics—including no derivative accounting or ISDA documents.
PCBB provides a strategic partnership that assists community banks in meeting portfolio objectives by buying and selling loan participations.