Aptys Solutions Selected by PCBB to Offer ACH Solutions to Community Banks
The PayLOGICS Suite will provide superior ACH origination, processing, Same-Day ACH, and on-demand access to payment data for PCBB Customers

Norcross, Georgia — (NEWSWIRE) — Aptys Solutions, a leading provider of real-time processing and electronic payments solutions for correspondent financial institutions nationwide, announced today that PCBB, a nationwide bankers’ bank offering correspondent banking, lending and consulting services to community-based financial institutions, has signed an agreement to implement the ACH modules from Aptys’ PayLOGICS Suite
Aptys is the leading provider in the payments industry for providing correspondent and community financial institutions with robust payment solutions that lower operational costs and create new revenue streams through automated, end-to-end origination and processing. PayLOGICS is a revolutionary solution that provides automated payment processing for ACH, Wires, and Image Cash Letter in a single architecture. Through PayLOGICS, correspondent service providers have been able to streamline their payment services and provide respondent banks with powerful payment solutions that allow them to compete effectively with any competitor in their markets. 
“With Faster Payments on the horizon, PCBB is committed to enhancing our banking offerings for our current customers and offering more flexibility to adapt to the changing payment landscape,” said PCBB Senior Vice President of Operations, Allen Sztukowski. “PayLOGICS becomes a key tool to help execute some of our current mission critical activities and part of the foundation for future payments opportunities. It makes managing payments and the associated risk easier for us and for our customers.” 
PCBB will also benefit from PayLOGICS’ Active Archive which provides tools for managing payment data all in a single location. “Efficient data management isn’t just about having enough storage capacity anymore,” said Eric Dotson, EVP of Sales. “Accessing and using data in a flexible infrastructure to better manage risk, reduce fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and analyze data trends are all top priorities for FIs today. Active Archive simplifies these tasks by consolidating data and making it accessible online.” 
About Aptys Solutions (aptyssolutions.com)
Norcross, GA-based Aptys Solutions provides electronic payment services to over 2,800 financial institutions nationwide. Aptys' PayLOGICS suite of products provide origination, processing, and fraud tools for check, ACH, and wire payments and serves as a clearinghouse of transactions providing least cost routing. Aptys helps increase overall efficiencies while reducing expenses associated with processing electronic payments. For more information, visit www.aptyssolutions.com
About PCBB (pcbb.com)

Founded in 1997, PCBB was created with the sole purpose of helping community financial institutions become stronger. Our mission is to provide fellow bankers with high-quality, competitively-priced solutions and personalized service. PCBB provides a comprehensive set of products and services including correspondent and international services, lending services, hedging solutions, risk management advisory services (such as credit stress testing, CECL, loan pricing and customer profitability). Our services are designed to help you compete more effectively, but we never compete against you for your own customers.

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