Uncorking Customer Profitability

On-Demand Webinar

Virtual roundtable led by PCBB's profitability expert, Janet Leung, to discuss proven and peer-tested strategies to improve profitability. The event showcased a panel of community financial institution executives that have championed customer profitability.
Topics covered:
  • What challenges were encountered as an institution prepared to adopt customer profitability?
  • What type of measurable results were seen?
  • How can you improve earnings, given a changing market?
  • Has adopting a profitability mindset changed your culture?
  • What strategies and lessons learned would you share with your peers?
  • Joshua Householder, Chief Banking Officer, CNB Bank
  • Michael Zagorski, Credit Officer, Belmont Bank and Trust
  • John Medina, President & CEO, First Federal Bank of Florida
Janet Leung
Janet Leung
SVP and Manager, Advisory Services