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NCBA (NC): COVID-19 and Credit Quality: A Look at North Carolina
Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (PT)

Tailored to North Carolina, this value packed webinar, hosted by NCBA and presented by PCBB, will include topics to consider as you defend changes in your qualitative factors, design credit stress testing scenarios or prepare 2021 financial plans.

Topics:  stress testing, lending, coronavirus, COVID-19

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Speaking Engagement

Doug Hensley, SVP & Manager of Advisory Services — PCBB
A Look Ahead: COVID-19’s Impact on Credit and Liquidity Risk
Will you be able to price risk and still make money? Tailored to Michigan banks, join PCBB and the Michigan Bankers Association as we cover topics to consider as you prepare financial strategies for 2021 and beyond. This presentation will provide a data-driven approach looking at the impact of the pandemic on banks, depositors and borrowers, credit and liquidity risk. Data driven examples will highlight Michigan as well as the entire U.S.

Industry Events

August 5-6: IBA (ID)/NBA (NV)/OBA (OR)/UBA (IT)/WBA (WA) Virtual Convention (Spirit of the West) — Virtual
September 24-27: CBAOG Annual Convention & Trade Show (virtual option) — Miramar Beach, FL
September 25: IBC Annual Meeting & Industry Update (CO) — Virtual
October 26-27: VBA Lending & Credit Conference (VA) — Virtual
October 27-29: NCBA Fusion Forum (NC) — Virtual
November 4-5: CCBN Top Banker Panel (CA) — Virtual