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Gen X - A New Perspective For Bankers

August 18, 2017 -  Bankers know that demographics are changing and the impact that can have could be a big one. What you may not know is that things are moving quickly indeed. Consider that Pew Research finds 85% of people now get their news on a mobile device vs. 72% 1Y ago. Further, a whopping 67% of people age 65 and older get their news on a mobile device vs. only 43% over the same period. Clearly things have shifted quickly across all demographic cohorts so bankers too will have to adapt their marketing approach in turn. Given so much talk about Millennials, today...

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August 17, 2017  -  Monstrous Hiring Hints

The police across the country not only protect us all as citizens, but they also do some pretty nice things above and beyond the call of duty, from time to time. We loved hearing the story about a 4Y old little girl whose family had just moved into a new house in CO. The family went to a community event and at that event the young girl approached a police officer. She told the officer she was worried there could be monsters in the new house and she asked the officer to come and check to be sure. The police...

August 16, 2017  -  Executive Management Road Tour (SF) - Day 2

While the fog was still trying to lift in San Francisco, the 2nd day of the Executive Management Road Tour kicked off. Finance and risk were the first topics on the agenda. Here we discussed the results of a PCBB survey of community bank CFOs and Risk Management Officers that brought to light the main concerns and areas of strategic focus. The top four concerns for CFOs were 1) new technology 2) required compliance 3) acquiring new customers and 4) remaining competitive. Showing proactive planning for the latter two concerns, many bankers in the room raised their hands when asked...

August 15, 2017  -  Executive Management Road Tour (SF) - Day 1

Today and tomorrow, we bring you some reflections and insights from our Executive Management Road Tour held in San Francisco, co-sponsored by a leading accounting firm, RSM. This year we decided to bring in another market-leader in their industry, RSM Accounting Firm as a co-sponsor, to share their expertise as well. The theme of the conference was overcoming today's challenges and capitalizing on tomorrow's opportunities. Our 17th annual community banking event brought in nearby bankers from CA, WA, AZ, CO and NV. It also brought in bankers from as far away as AK, ND, NE, AL, TX, IA,...

August 14, 2017  -  Screaming About Customized Marketing

Google has reportedly reached yet another milestone in its digital dominance. It has reportedly found that its artificial intelligence (AI) robots are now more accurate at identifying and blocking extremist videos online than humans. Its AI identified 75% of offensive videos before users reported them. That is amazing, but it also makes you wonder where all of this digital expansion and customization is ultimately heading perhaps. On the topic of more quickly knowing things about customers who interact with your bank perhaps, technology is making leaps and bounds there too. After all, it is no surprise that brochures and print ads...

August 11, 2017  -  Universal Digital Identity - Pushing The Envelope

Identity theft is ugly. In fact, Javelin Strategy & Research finds in their 2017 Identity Fraud Survey that there were 15.4mm US fraud victims alone, resulting in $16B in losses. Meanwhile, card not present fraud jumped 40% over the prior year. This isn't surprising when you consider yet another survey by OnePoll. It found 71% of respondents write down their user names and passwords, 52% know at least one other person's PIN, 40% say at least 1 person knows their user name and password, 25% have never changed their PIN and 10% say they have given a bank card and...

August 10, 2017  -  Lessons From An Online Audit

Statistics show the IRS audited about 0.70% of returns filed for the year of 2016. Of course, that is the average and the percentages begin to soar the more you make to almost 20% at the highest compensation levels. For its part, PwC says the purpose of a financial audit for a company is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organization at a given date. Among things auditors do not do is they do not check every figure in the financial report; judge...

August 09, 2017  -  Education And Support For Cyber

Since bankers are in the money business, you may find it interesting that researchers at Utah State University found students who completed a basic financial education course were more responsible with their money. After just one course, this group outperformed those who did not take the course by having more self-control and an improved risk tolerance than those who did not take the course. Now you can brag about how much of an impact being a banker can have on improving society as a whole! As with having financial savvy, understanding more about the world of cybersecurity is also important these...

August 08, 2017  -  Walk The Talk - The Bank's Purpose

Prevention highlights some key benefits people can get from walking just 30 minutes per day. They include such things as: a better mood, improved creativity, increased metabolism, a 20% to 40% reduced chance of stroke, a 30% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, fewer varicose veins as you age, a better digestive system and better focus on goals. We will be back to finish this discussion in a moment, but first we are heading out for a 30 minute walk around the block. Ahh...back at the desk again. As seen above, the value of walking is clear but what about the value...

August 07, 2017  -  Looking Below The Surface Of 3D Printing

Did you see the news that researchers now believe there could be a whole lot of water sitting under the surface of the dry, old, crusty moon? It seems researchers from Brown University have been able to detect water molecules using pictures of the moon's surface and reflecting light somehow. The bottom line is that if this is true, we could live there, have oxygen to breathe, water to drink, water for growing food and hydrogen for creating rocket fuel to come and go. It sure is interesting how things around us can change so quickly just by taking a...

August 04, 2017  -  Big Data More Accessible For Community Banks

Bankers know the value of the data they hold, but one key issue revolves around the best way to clean and access it all. Consider research from International Data Corporation (IDC) that projects worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will soar to around $151B this year (+12% vs. 2016). According to IDC, banking is one of five industries making the largest investments in 2017 in big data and business analytics so it is the subject of our discussion today. Big data, which includes not only data gathering and analytics but also human behavior patterning and complex risk...

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