Liquidity FIT
Liquidity Risk Management | Liquidity Stress Testing

Liquidity FIT provides a comprehensive, cost effective solution to meet regulatory requirements and liquidity risk management needs, especially in this current climate.

Key Benefits:

  • Meets regulatory expectations at an affordable price
  • Multiple liquidity risk simulations
  • Examination support from pre-planning through regulatory follow-up

Examination Support with Actionable Reporting

Our FIT Advisors can work with you and your team to get “exam ready.”

  • Forecast source and use of funds
  • Forecast secondary liquidity positions
  • Analyze policy compliance
Stress Testing
  • Stress primary liquidity
  • Stress secondary liquidity
  • Monitor post-stress policy compliance

PCBB expert support is invaluable. When our examiners and auditors visit and have additional questions for us, PCBB Advisors take the time to explain and answer any of our questions. That is a big plus for us.

Raleigh Hayter, First Bank and Trust

Customize Your Liquidity Stress

Our Liquidity FIT solution will test across multiple variables and time intervals and identify Contingency Funding Plan (CFP) triggering events. Our technology solution analyzes primary and secondary liquidity positions, generates liquidity risk simulations, and identifies policy compliance findings to ensure your bank can continue to operate effectively. Utilizing the following items can be customized in your liquidity stress tests:

  • Set customized CFP limits
  • Client-defined stress intervals
  • Client-defined stress levels
  • Customized name of stress scenarios
  • And more . . .