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Banks should be benefiting from the interest rate increase, but bank stock prices aren’t following the trend.
This past spring, the US bond market flashed a key recession warning with the yield curve briefly inverted and short-term debt paying more than longer-term loans.
After initially suffering a severe setback as a result of the pandemic, some areas of the commercial real estate (CRE) market are recovering more strongly than others.
Then add the bonus of delighting investors and satisfying regulators, well then, the trifecta can bring great dividends indeed.
As adoption of cryptocurrencies grows, cryptofinance and crypto lending are extending their reach and proving alluring to some borrowers and lenders alike.
For bankers coming to the end of their CECL build phase and now seeing dry runs of reports, some may find dialog with investors picking up too.
Taxpayers are now filing their first returns under the new tax law, and companies are realizing how it affects their taxes and their business.
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