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Zillennials are a micro-generation between Gen Z and millennials that have grown by five million employees in the past 5Ys, according to the US Bureau of Labor.
We give you some tips on how to create an inclusive workplace to maximize employee engagement and retention.
Return on Experience (ROX) is a fairly new metric for financial institutions.
So, we explore four areas to address when an employee leaves, in order to mitigate the spread of discontent and retain remaining employees.
With the immediate technological and operational challenges largely met, community financial institutions now need to consider how to adapt recruitment, career development, and employee training to support hybrid working demands, while preserving solid company culture.
After the Great Resignation, the latest trend is boomerang employees — returning employees.
This has resulted in employee disengagement and lower productivity.
In the post-pandemic world, community financial institutions are facing shifting customer expectations and hybrid working models.
Anti-money laundering practices have been under more scrutiny as the pandemic ushered in more digital payments and cryptocurrency activity.
To mitigate the stress of your compliance employees, here are two important steps to take.