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Customers want personalized service, but are reluctant to share their personal data to power that.
CFIs have a strong connection with small business customers and could leverage their understanding of the customers’ unique needs in order to create compelling propositions for them.
Power study, there is still room to improve in maintaining those customer relationships after they’ve been onboarded.
By focusing on initiatives that are important to those communities, CFIs build strong relationships, grow loyal customer bases, and amplify the voices of those they serve.
According to one study, more than half of self-service digital encounters by bank customers end in failure and wind up with a live agent.
Community financial institutions need to actively monitor and manage their online reviews, in order to continue developing and deepening customer relationships.
Gen Z is the fastest growing market segment and will make up almost one-third of the workforce by 2030.
Customer loyalty is considered the key to customer retention.
With the explosion of gig workers, the needs of some small businesses have changed.
The Forrester Customer Experience Index shows hybrid branches provide the highest customer quality experience.