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Power study, there is still room to improve in maintaining those customer relationships after they’ve been onboarded.
Community financial institutions may not consider mobile ads when defining their advertising strategy.
We look at four ways in which ESG initiatives could result in benefits for community financial institutions, such as attracting new customers, as well as contributing to a more sustainable future for their communities and beyond.
Making sure that you have nurtured household relationships to retain these critical customers could provide community financial institutions with a long-term profitable customer base.
Gen Z is the fastest growing market segment and will make up almost one-third of the workforce by 2030.
Customer loyalty is considered the key to customer retention.
With the explosion of gig workers, the needs of some small businesses have changed.
Community financial institutions with these services gain a new revenue stream, strengthen existing client relationships, and attract new customers.
Nonemployer firms, which consist of only the owner, have had a hard time with funding, according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve.
This might be a good time for financial literacy programs for our youth and your future customers.