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We provide the findings and our insights from a new report on the economic recovery for commercial banks, to help with your strategic planning.
While you may not be thinking of customer profitability during this crisis, customer relationships are always important.
Not every community financial institution counts wealth management services among its offerings.
While financial institutions usually focus on new customers to enhance profitability, overall profitability is a multi-dimensional process and existing customers can definitely help too.
A technology that is being used abroad by some bankers and their customers may hit our shores too - know-your-customer (KYC) video authentication.
To understand the potential impact of the yield curve these days, we took a look at some results from our relationship profitability model used by hundreds of bankers nationwide.
A risk-based pricing strategy can give community financial institutions a chance to improve market share without also increasing risk.
Improving customer retention can also enhance customer profitability.
Small businesses are the mainstay for community banks.
With the continued demand for digital, community financial institutions that work with financial technology firms could have an advantage over those that don't.