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While 33% of baby boomer business owners plan to transfer ownership within the next 5Ys, 36% have yet to figure out how that will happen.
In an interesting twist, bankers might want to take a page from Walmart's playbook when it comes to helping train new employees for the demands of the job.
Small business owners have given up around $43k on average in lost opportunities because of insufficient cash flow issues.
According to the Kauffman Index, the percentage of "encore entrepreneurs" has risen to 24.3% and is the largest gain of any age group.
Competition is not only vying for community bank customers, but also for employees, managers, executives and key players across the board.
Ghosting has made its way into the workplace.
A January 10th survey of economists by the Wall Street Journal finds on average a 25% chance of a recession within the next 12 months.
We explain why the right age mix is important for a bank's performance.
We explain how one bank is using smartwatches to decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.
There are good reasons for many written and unwritten business rules bankers follow.