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McKinsey reports that more people and entities will regularly use international payments in the next 5Ys.
Contact EMV chip technology has its feet firmly planted in the US and adoption continues to increase.
With more SMBs buying and selling overseas as well as traveling internationally, there is a growing demand for foreign bank notes and other international services.
Contactless payment has struggled in the US.
Many community banks are looking to increase their back office efficiency and provide faster availability of funds, with checks between the US and Canada.
Subsequently, businesses are increasingly accepting card and digital payments.
"Self-driving" payroll, which is on-demand access to one's pay, is gaining steam, particularly with gig workers, and banks are taking notice.
In our new BID feature, "Inquiry and Insight", we provide questions from readers and bankers and do our best to give you relevant, insightful answers.
Biometric payment cards are meant to boost security by embedding fingerprint sensors that match the cardholder's print to a digital image stored on the card.
In the business world, checks have been the preferred method of payment for eons.