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Financial hedges are a bit like shock absorbers on a car.
In the business world, checks have been the preferred method of payment for eons.
The latest FDIC performance report showed strong numbers for community banks.
Mobile wallet technology is becoming increasingly popular.
It doesn't appear that environmental investing and initiatives are going away any time soon.
Valued for their flexibility, forward rate lock agreements can be customized to fit the requirements of both your bank and your borrower.
Community bankers support medical professional customers already.
Many community banks tell us that in this rate environment, plenty of commercial customers seek the stability of a fixed loan coupon.
Banks will soon need to adjust their loans to a new benchmark known as the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).
All banks should have the LIBOR-SOFR transition on their list and move it up in importance, as the 2021 deadline draws near.