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Although CECL has been around for some time, there are still questions around method selection.
There is never a dull moment with #CECL.
To implement CECL, your bank will need a dry run to see how your loans and allowances will fare under the new loss-accounting standard.
For bankers coming to the end of their CECL build phase and now seeing dry runs of reports, some may find dialog with investors picking up too.
Is WARM right for CECL?
There is a lot of information out there on CECL.
The extra data collected for CECL has been found to not only be useful for CECL calculations but also for strategic planning.
As CECL draws closer, only 3% of community banks are ready to implement it.
In our new BID feature, "Inquiry and Insight", we provide questions from readers and bankers and do our best to give you relevant, insightful answers.
CECL is coming and bank management will need to answer questions from its board of directors as they prepare.