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A B corporation is a business that's been certified for following best practices in balancing purpose with profit.
As we round off our coverage of Community Banking Month, one thing we know for sure is that community banks are having a huge impact on their local cities and towns.
We highlight the work community bankers are doing to fight hunger and restore communities after devastating fires.
When you pay homage to someone, you are giving them a special honor or respect in a public way.
Community banks are highly involved in their communities all year long.
Having quality employees who are invested in the success of your business is crucial for community banks.
When it comes to work, it turns out that giving people more freedom can foster greater productivity and creativity among employees.
Many customers expect more than great products and services at competitive prices - they expect companies (including banks) to stand for something.
Taxpayers are now filing their first returns under the new tax law, and companies are realizing how it affects their taxes and their business.
Community banks almost universally enjoy seeing new banks open because it points to a thriving industry.