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When you pay homage to someone, you are giving them a special honor or respect in a public way.
Having quality employees who are invested in the success of your business is crucial for community banks.
Community banks are highly involved in their communities all year long.
Taxpayers are now filing their first returns under the new tax law, and companies are realizing how it affects their taxes and their business.
Community banks almost universally enjoy seeing new banks open because it points to a thriving industry.
While 33% of baby boomer business owners plan to transfer ownership within the next 5Ys, 36% have yet to figure out how that will happen.
Only 16% of all bank boards of directors include a director who is age 40 or younger.
The extra data collected for CECL has been found to not only be useful for CECL calculations but also for strategic planning.
Bringing board members up to speed quickly is a key task, but not always an easy one.
There are good reasons for many written and unwritten business rules bankers follow.