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Remote work has proven to be a viable option for many businesses.
Community financial institutions are not alone in having trouble finding or retaining qualified talent with the tight labor market.
With virtual college life expected in the fall, community financial institutions will want to rethink their approach to recruiting college graduates.
Meetings are even more vital with a greater number of remote workers, but they can also be more challenging.
A growing number of employees are suffering from things like stress, burnout, and even depression.
Absent the traditional summer happy hours and social outings that employees typically enjoy together, you will want to think creatively to keep your employees connected.
Many people indicate they have had managers who have either overmanaged or undermanaged them.
In a recent survey from Harvard Business Review and Google Cloud, 89% of executives around the world cite collaboration as a critical factor in the success of any business.
We like to look at what the big banks are doing to learn what could be done on a smaller scale.
As businesses are reopening, some are contemplating contact tracing.