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The findings from a recent study may give bankers food for thought on how they address new products and services.
Connecting with these young customers and educating on managing debt may earn your bank life-long customers.
Have you integrated your digital and nondigital marketing?
Improving customer retention can also enhance customer profitability.
Community bankers support medical professional customers already.
In this competitive market, it is clear that banks need to focus more intently on customer engagement.
The ability to utilize e-signatures and eliminate a large amount of paper can significantly reduce time and costs.
A recent survey on banking customer decisions provides thought-provoking information for community banks.
Growth Priorities A FIS survey of senior level financial services decision-makers finds priorities for growth over the next 12 months are: acquiring new customers (52%), improving operating margins (48%), improving investment performance (40%), improving customer retention rates (40%), and entering new business lines or products (31%).
Banking is far too competitive and customer retention is too valuable to the bottom line to allow for slippage.