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Now that AR capabilities are available on both Apple and Android mobile devices, some banks are starting to offer apps with AR features.
Sub-brands can be successful, and some community banks are starting to use them.
Mobile apps - including banking apps - are more at risk now than ever before.
With the new tax plan, there are changes in tax rates and deductions.
Mobile Flexibility Bankrate reports the New iPhone X could dramatically change how people manage their financial lives because it allows people to use their face as a password through Face ID, opens up this technology to third party apps, boosts mobile wallet opportunities, and enhances augmented reality features that could provide a visual representation of account balances and financial money movement.
Wearable device technology includes all things smart such as: activity trackers, wearable cameras, glasses, watches, sports accessories, rings, clothing, gesture control armbands, augmented reality ski goggles, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bras, digital tattoos, hair clips, shoes and even underwear.
Biz Strategy A Deloitte survey of executives, directors and risk managers at companies' worldwide finds the biggest technology enablers or disrupters that most see threatening their business model are: social media (47%), data mining and analytics (44%), mobile applications (40%), cloud computing (38%), virtual or augmented reality interfaces (17%), digital fabrication (8%) and cyber attacks (36%).
Augmented Reality US Bank is rolling out its iPhone application where you view the street on your iPhone and it overlays directions and details of the nearest branch or ATM.