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Getting to know a new borrower often requires some time and effort.
When organic loan growth is slow, how does your institution supplement its portfolio needs?
We assist community banks like yours in meeting strategic portfolio objectives by buying and selling loan participations.
De Novo bank services and advisory solutions for new banks.
The products and services offered by PCBB
Borrower's Loan Protection is our outsourced swap & hedging solution, allowing your institution to receive a floating rate to better match funding sources.
Make sure your lending team is ready to pounce.
Small business owners have given up around $43k on average in lost opportunities because of insufficient cash flow issues.
According to the Kauffman Index, the percentage of "encore entrepreneurs" has risen to 24.3% and is the largest gain of any age group.
What can community banks do to keep their business customers in this fierce, non-relenting competitive landscape?