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We will cover how FX Forward Contracts work, the benefits to your customers and to your bank.
Our international solutions give your institution the tools it needs to provide a comprehensive suite of financial services.
Matt Helsing Named Vice President of International Services
Webinars with Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank
Your institutionand customer then receive a FX forward contract confirmation.3.
For the third week of Community Banking Month, we want to focus on community banks' good works with a little different approach - specifically looking at financial education outreach.
Matt Helsing, Vice President of International Services, will be working with community banks toexpand their international services capabilities.Helsing brings 20 years of business development experience to PCBB, including 10 years as a foreignexchange (FX) services specialist.
Clearly there is a lot of FX activity no matter which market you compare it to.
International Market For those keeping track of such things, the FX market has grown to about $5T in activity each day.
If the pound becomes more volatile, it is safe to assume that unpredictability would translate into turbulence in the FX markets.