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Marketing tools to help supplement our Borrower's Loan Protection (BLP) program
Borrower's Loan Protection is our outsourced swap & hedging solution, allowing your institution to receive a floating rate to better match funding sources.
FIX, International Wire System: Process international wire transfers faster, easier, and more accurately
As we continue into a rising rate environment, your bank's net interest margin (NIM) may contract as liability costs increase.
While 33% of baby boomer business owners plan to transfer ownership within the next 5Ys, 36% have yet to figure out how that will happen.
Many community banks tell us that in this rate environment, plenty of commercial customers seek the stability of a fixed loan coupon.
According to a GAO report, small business loans by online lenders grew from about $582mm in 2013 to $4.2B in 2017.
What do you need to know about digital-first customers?
Mobile Pricing Tool Makes it Easy to Price Fixed Rate Loans
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