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Get safely past the scale of large corporate C&I loans and their bounty of information to discover the opportunities and benefits available with Shared National Credits (SNCs).
Community banks with total assets over $100mm and in good regulatory standing.
Shared National Credits (SNC's) can often be the answer to an institution's portfolio needs.
Webinars with Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank
Shared National Credit Webinars: July 13 and July 20 In this 2-part webinar series, PCBB's C&I experts will offer a deeper understanding of Shared National Credits (SNC).
Because of the increased security of EMV chip cards, robbers are turning away from bank card theft and moving directly to ATM theft.
Anti Money Laundering Suspicious Activity Alerts at banks are soaring, almost doubling since 2013.
According to a recent survey, one in five small to medium business clients said they were ready to leave their banks in the next 20 months.
For many community banks, the tedious task of managing expectations is still time-consuming and inefficient.
Shared National Credit Webinar: July 20 In this webinar, PCBB's C&I experts will offer a deeper understanding of Shared National Credits (SNC).