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Our Asset Liability Management solution saves your institution time and money by providing a turnkey risk modeling and management platform.
Let PCBB help your institution by stress testing your loan portfolios and evaluating the resulting impact on both earnings and capital.
The products and services offered by PCBB
Have you started to prepare for CECL yet?
Synthetic identity fraud is difficult to track and halt due to its very nature.
To implement CECL, your bank will need a dry run to see how your loans and allowances will fare under the new loss-accounting standard.
For bankers coming to the end of their CECL build phase and now seeing dry runs of reports, some may find dialog with investors picking up too.
One of the best ways to educate people within your bank about the risks is to actually phish them on an ongoing basis.
We have recently heard that some banks are considering using Weighted Average Remaining Maturity (WARM) for their CECL calculations.
We provide you with some things to consider when evaluating the adequacy of your ALM process, as you prepare for your next regulatory exam.