Liability and Strategic Coach

Dig Deep into your Bank to Achieve Better Results

For community banks to achieve superior funding performance, it takes a combination of products, pricing, and most importantly, behaviors. "The Coach" focuses on all of these. Funding cannot be managed in isolation so the strategic aspects of the Coach consider your bank's asset mix, asset quality, capitalization and other important areas to help implement solutions that are appropriate and contribute to the safety and soundness of your bank.

This service is designed to help your bank:

  1. Attract and retain franchise value-enhancing core deposits
  2. Safely manage liquidity
  3. Improve lending and investing options
  4. Reduce risk factors and help increase your bank's net income

How Does the Coach Work?

In order to assist your bank, we focus on both current and future performance, growth patterns, sales practices and the cost of your bank's funding mix to ensure high-value and profitable deposit base results.

Proactive, Real-time Advice and Specific Instructions to Help Your Bank

We actively monitor the current deposit pricing behavior of your bank and other institutions in your local market, including the financial implications and effects of this behavior. When we detect important trends or items in your bank — locally or nationally — we contact you proactively to provide real-time insights and solutions.

The Coach also reviews your bank's deposit products and sales activity with a fresh perspective to ensure that you have the right set of products to offer your customers — at the right prices.

Detailed Reports Customized for Your Team

Dig deeper into your bank with the Growth Safety Model (GSM) report:

  • A detailed and customizable peer analysis for your whole bank that goes deeper than most peer and industry reports
  • Gives you the information you need to plan for events and be proactive instead of reactive
  • A useful tool to help in your exam prep process

Cost of Funds reports and additional tools that help you:

  • Capture hidden trends and develop realistic targets specific to your bank
  • Identify goals and work towards achieving them

Ongoing Support

  • We work with you to maintain and improve performance over time
  • Continue to receive support even after your goals are achieved

The Coach will help your bank increase revenue in a short amount of time (quick payback) and become more flexible and effective when competing for loans and making investment decisions. Why go at it alone when you can have the Coach looking out for you?

How Do I Get Started?