Cash Management and CBC

PCBB offers a comprehensive portfolio of correspondent banking services designed with a single focus: to add value and enhance cash management solutions for community banks just like yours.

Web Access

We provide a variety of services to help your bank, including:

  • Settlement/Clearing
  • Wires (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • OFAC Services
  • ACH File Transfer Services
  • As-Agent Funds
  • Excess Balance Account (EBA) Option for Sweeps
  • International Services

These are just a few of the cash management services PCBB provides. Like the services listed above, many of our solutions help your bank reduce staff time and increase profitability. Added benefits include:

  • Helpful service when you need it
  • Same day issue resolutions
  • Work with a partner, not a competitor — PCBB will never compete for your customers' business like many of the big banks and "pseudo-correspondent banks" do

Accessing Cash Management Services through CBC

All of PCBB's cash management services are managed through our CBC (Correspondent Bank Connection) platform. CBC is an online cash management system accessed through a secure encrypted portal. This system gives you the ability to easily manage your services through a website and quickly access, download and analyze all of your bank's transactions.

CBC adds significant ease and convenience to helping you monitor, track and retrieve daily account activity, view Federal Reserve activity and statements, access archived statements and initiate domestic and international wire transactions.

Additional features of the CBC platform include:

  • Transaction history reports
  • ABA number/routing transit lookup tool
  • Reporting options and tools
  • Historical data and capture sorting

For a full list of the features CBC contains and the benefits our cash management solutions will provide for your bank, let us know below.

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