Jan 1, 2020
CECL is different from the current loan loss reserve approach since it includes both probable and projected losses over the life of the loan. Learn how this impacts bankers with a diversified loan portfolio.
Nov 17, 2022
Chief Credit Officer, Michael Kerr of First Federal Bank shares his experience with CECL, and why his institution ultimately decided to outsource CECL, after starting off in-house.
Nov 15, 2021
Part 2 of our 2-part series on CECL discusses getting started with CECL, and the use of spreadsheets. Andy Hines, Chief Lending Officer, and EVP at The Bank of Glen Burnie, joins us again to share his insights on getting started with CECL, his thoughts on spreadsheets, and more.
Oct 20, 2021
Part 1 of our 2-part series on CECL covers data organization and explaining CECL results to stakeholders. We sit down with Andy Hines, Chief Lending Officer, and EVP at The Bank of Glen Burnie, for his insights on both.
Jan 26, 2022
In this virtual roundtable with a panel of community financial institution executives, we explored their journey of implementing CECL. Here are the strategies, lessons learned and insights that they can share with their peers based on their implementation journey.
Oct 16, 2019
A new accounting standard means lots of changes, including how qualitative factors (Q Factors) apply. In this webinar, gain an understanding of Q Factors with CECL, and learn how they need to be applied under CECL compared to the incurred loss model.
Nov 8, 2018
You've selected your methods, but can you defend them to regulators? Whether your loan structures are standardized or complex, selecting the right methodology is not a simple task, and being confident in your selection is a must. With 7 methods to look at, how do you know you've made the right choice?
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Mar 29, 2022
The deadline for CECL has not been extended and January 1, 2023, is coming up fast. Are you ready? One specific area of focus for many bankers is using Q Factors consistently. While Q Factors aren’t new, their expected application in CECL is more involved. Here are four Q Factor best practices to prepare you.
Feb 7, 2022
While most big and mid-sized banks have already implemented the new CECL standard, many community financial institutions are waiting until their deadline of January 1, 2023. Yet, there is a lot to do this year to ensure you are compliant, including running CECL in parallel. Here are three guiding principles that we recommend to keep you on track as you perform your parallel runs.
Oct 20, 2021
When bankers think of CECL, greater efficiencies may not come to mind immediately. Yet, as community financial institutions work through the CECL implementation they are realizing that CECL gives them an opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies for the future. In our podcast, Banking Out Loud, Andy Hines of Bank of Glen Burnie brought this up and we explore this topic further today.
Sep 27, 2021
Time is of the essence in implementing CECL, as there are many decisions and details involved. One of the most important areas to assess is your institution’s calculations. Once you have calculated your loan loss reserve, you will want to be sure you have addressed the top five areas where these calculations can go awry. Here they are.
Sep 14, 2021
The CECL deadline for community financial institutions is January 1, 2021. Is your institution ready? Many are not. If your balance sheets are too complex or you don’t have in-house experts, you will want to consider a third-party vendor. Here are five key areas to explore when looking for a suitable CECL vendor.
Jul 29, 2021
The Federal Reserve recently released its CECL tool, SCALE. Is this option right for your institution? We explain what it is, how it works, and provide you with considerations when reviewing it as an option, including its use of industry data, adjustments to expected loss rates, and no automatic linking with other solutions.
May 12, 2021
CECL is not far away with a January 1, 2023 start date. Many bankers have put CECL on the back burner during COVID, but it is time to focus on CECL again. To get you started, we share six steps for completing CECL: form a team, create a timeline, look for third-party expertise, evaluate ALM and stress test, review lessons learned, and utilize resources.
Feb 12, 2021
CECL hasn’t been at the forefront of bankers’ minds given the pandemic. However, it is still happening and auditors and examiners will be asking questions about CECL. One area to think about is how CECL will affect your institution’s securities. We give you insight into CECL and HTM, AFS, and trading securities.