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Sticky Business: Increasing Customer Loyalty
Episode 11 (00:30:41)
It's always a good time to focus on keeping your customers happy and loyal. In this episode of Banking Out Loud, we discuss ways to increase customer loyalty and offer 3 tips to get started and also key mistakes to avoid.
CECL Case Study: From In-House to Outsourced (Micro-cast)
Episode 10 (00:08:35)
Chief Credit Officer, Michael Kerr of First Federal Bank shares his experience with CECL, and why his institution ultimately decided to outsource CECL, after starting off in-house.
Extraordinary Sales Results: Tips, Mistakes, The Value Equation
Episode 9 (00:36:18)
Archie Kelley, Managing Principal of SalesPhysics and creator of The Value Equation, joins us to discuss his sales technique aimed at creating a pathway to extraordinary sales results. Archie explains how value is at the core of successful selling, and provides three tips to boost success and three mistakes to avoid.
The Evolution of Real-Time Payments: Part 2 - What's Next?
Episode 8 (00:30:01)
In this part 2 of our payments episode series, host Sonia Portwood sits down with PCBB's Allen Sztukowski to discuss what the future of real-time payments looks like.  Including the soon-to-launch FedNow program, anticipated technology and functionality changes, and tips to help you prepare.
Mind, Body & Banking
Episode 7 (00:36:54)
Host Sonia Portwood sits down with executive coach and leadership consultant Dr. Susan Bernstein, to discuss managing – and even harnessing – anxiety and stress in order to confidently navigate today’s ever-changing (banking) landscape.
The Evolution of Real-Time Payments: Part 1 - Then and Now
Episode 5 (00:30:39)
A discussion with PCBB's Allen Sztukowski, an active participant in the efforts to modernize real-time payments, on how the payments space has changed over the years, and what efforts are being made today to modernize it.
CECL – Beyond Implementation, Part 2
Episode 4 (00:23:09)
Part 2 of our 2-part series on CECL discusses getting started with CECL, and the use of spreadsheets. Andy Hines, Chief Lending Officer, and EVP at The Bank of Glen Burnie, joins us again to share his insights on getting started with CECL, his thoughts on spreadsheets, and more.
CECL - Beyond Implementation, Part 1
Episode 3 (00:33:48)
Part 1 of our 2-part series on CECL covers data organization and explaining CECL results to stakeholders. We sit down with Andy Hines, Chief Lending Officer, and EVP at The Bank of Glen Burnie, for his insights on both.
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Episode 2 (00:34:42)
In this episode, hosts Virginia Robbins and Sonia Portwood talk with PCBB's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Shiva Sandy.
About Banking Out Loud
Episode 1 (00:04:20)
Discover what PCBB’s podcast, Banking Out Loud, is all about in this sneak peek episode.
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Sonia Portwood
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer | PCBB
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